John Rae

Shown at Otherness 2013 Solo Show Artrix Gallery, Birmingham, The Contemporary Portrait: Self and Others  2014 Group show at the Shire Hall Stafford & Featured at To be Conceived 2013 London'  Also featured in The Dancing Bear Trilogy presents The Alphabet Club anthology book, 2016 curated by Jamie Fletcher.

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The synergy in the decoding of multiple visual clues is labelled as Intertextuality by Schirato and Webb (2004). The term was first used in 1966 by post-structualist Julia Kristiva in relation to written texts mediated by recognised or learned coding. The concept is also associated with the writings of Barthes in relation to signs in written texts. Schirato and Webb develop the concept in relation to visuality and photographic images. 

They use the term “text” to refer to visual information which can be decoded by visual literate viewers; intertextuality is introduced as “the use of other texts to create new texts”. The reading of any image is hence informed and influenced by other images read in conjunction with it and also influenced by intertextual knowledge of and reference to signs that characterise cultural meaning. 

By purposely juxtaposing images in this return to the gender theme I have gained some control of this intertextual meaning.